Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Discover electronic music

        I have recently found an interesting video which I would like to share with any electronic music or technology in general enthusiast. (Video at the bottom of the post)
    The video is from 1983 and it’s a very clear explanation about the technique behind those sci-fi sounds that were produced back then. It is interesting to see the amount of gear that was needed back then and to compare it with the synthesizers of today. Technology is getting better rapidly; we get new toys of technology every single day and I doubt we could imagine our lives without it…
   This leads to a question that I have been pondering for quite a while now. We are in the 21’st century; technology is all around us and affects every single one of us. Let’s face it, we are addicted to it, but I do not think of it as a negative thing. It’s just evolution, the human race and technology is rapidly blending together, who knows for the better of for the worse.
   And yet, even to this day I meet people that have this “electronic music is not real music” attitude. They seem to get the idea that creating music with computers is some sort of non-natural thing to do. This attitude is really strange. The basic guitar or drums are technologies just as a computer is. When photography and cinema first appeared they too were not taken as a form of art.  Now what is the situation today? I really doubt that you could find any people out there who would call movies like "Brazil", "Pi" or "Memento" as not worthy of the word "art" next to them. 
  The point that I am trying to make is this: some time ago some smart guy took some leather and stretched it and noticed the sound that it emits by tapping it. Today, we are able to create instruments that can create much more diverse sounds than any time before. Synthesizers belong to the new generation of music instruments. Is it better because it is newer? It absolutely is not. Does it deserve an equal place between guitars, drums and pianos? Yes, it most certainly does.
Do you agree or maybe you have a different opinion?  

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